Taste of Home 2013

When you think of cooking, odds are a church isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind. However, Neighborhood Church and the Taste of Home magazine showed everyone just how well these two things can go together.

The event was hosted by the Taste of Home Magazine and featured a live cooking show with Chef Kristi Larson. Attendees were greeted at the door with a free subscription to the Taste of Home magazine, and the fabulous folks at Raley’s (they were the main sponsor), passed out goodie bag with coupons and all sorts of samples and far-out treats. Chico Pops, (hey, that’s us), was one of the proud, local sponsors.

There were several booths for guests to visit, but one of the biggest draws was our booth. Yay! Hey, we were passing our yummy caramel corn, after all. In fact, our booth was hit hard by eager guests and our caramel corn was devoured faster than you can say scrum-diddly-umptious!

Participants raved about our caramel corn, with many saying it’s the best popcorn they’ve ever tasted.

“Addictive,” said one attendee.

“I can’t stop eating it,” gushed another.

“It doesn’t stick or get caught in your teeth.”

We were so excited to be able to support our community and sample our soon-to-be-famous caramel corn. We’re making a name for ourselves one event at a time, but our big meeting with a packaging plant is right around the corner, so stay tuned to Facebook, follow us on Twitter and be sure to check our website for updates.  



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