California Nut Festival 2014

Local grown food and businesses was the name of the game for the fifth annual California Nut Festival, held at the
lovely Patrick Ranch Museum in Durham, California. What began as a tour of the museum has since grown into a celebration of Chico business, and Chico Pops was a smash hit!

The Chico Pops booth was the perfect fit for the Nut Festival, and attendees couldn’t get enough of our delicious caramel corn mixed with candied pecans. There was a raffle every half hour at the booth, with winners receiving a Chico Pops t-shirt and free sample bag. The booth was such a hit we ran out of samples within the first two hours! Don’t worry, anyone who came by still got to try the caramel corn. Chicoans snatched up our samples faster than we could keep up with, but everyone who stopped by left with a smile, not to mention our awesome scratch-and-sniff business cards!

For the first time, we sold T-shirts and 2 ounce bags of our popcorn, and visitors couldn’t get enough. The biggest concern of visitors was always the same, “Where can we get this delicious stuff!?” and we’re excited to say we’ll be in stores after Memorial Day 2014! Woohoo! Chico Pops will be in stores soon and we can’t wait to get our munchy-crunchy, oh-so-delicious caramel corn out to everyone.

The California Nut Festival was a complete blast and we couldn't have been happier being there to see and interact with our dearest fans. We know Chicoans love their snacks to be healthy and local, and we're committed to that. All of our popcorn has no trans-fats, uses non-GMO materials and is completely gluten free, among other things. We're excited to be hitting store shelves soon, and we can't wait for everyone to give it a try. Speaking of which, we're hard at work on a sugar-free version of our caramel corn so even more people can enjoy it! As always, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and keep your eyes peeled for more Chico Pops!

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