Holiday Fitness Tips & Popcorn Fun!

This time of year is great, isn't it? The cold weather means you just wanna stay in and cuddle up to stay warm, and maybe munch on some snacks or leftovers. Maybe you want to munch a bit too much. That's ok, we all do it! It's tough not to overeat this time of year, and with Thanksgiving having just passed, (and more holidays yet to come!) we're still feeling stuffed. Want to feel a little bit better going into the new year? Here's some simple tips:

  • Move around! It's cold, and we all want to snuggle under a blanket, but getting up and moving even for a few minutes every hour will help get your blood flowing, keep your body active, and even warm you up a little bit!
  • Sitting stretches! If you're at the office, or maybe just sitting down (you deserve a good sit after walking around the cold house, after all!), there's still a few things you can do. A nice stretch side-to-side, or a little twist of your torso is a good way to exercise those side muscles and keep the blood flowing. You can also try stretching and flexing your leg muscles to increase blood flow.
  • Healthy food alternatives! We know, the holidays are the time for rich, hearty food, but that doesn't mean you have to eat bad things! Consider lower calorie alternatives, shop organic when possible, and limit the sugary sweets. It's tough to avoid those holiday cookies, but cutting back on sugar consumption really makes a difference.
  • Popcorn! Of course, we can't ignore popcorn! Now we're not going to try to tell you our munchy-crunchy delicious caramel corn is healthy for you, but it's low in calories (only 140 per ounce!) and a good source of protein and iron compared to other cereal grains. Chico Pops even has zero trans fats, so you can eat without worry. Also, if you or a friend are gluten-free, then you're in luck! Popcorn is naturally gluten free, and it makes a great snack choice for just about anyone enjoying a cold, rainy afternoon. Just don't forget to get up and do those stretches every once in a while!

There's plenty more you can do to keep yourself feeling fit and guilt-free during the holidays, so these are just a few easy tips anyone can practice. If you have any other tips you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you! Have fun and stay warm out there!

- The Chico Pops team

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