Honoring Bonnie Sterzer - Where Chico Pops Started

At Chico Pops, we're a family. Our delicious caramel corn is adapted from a 30-year-old recipe first created by Bonnie Sterzer, who would make the caramel corn for family gatherings. It became a smash hit amongst family and friends, and Elisabeth Sterzer, her daughter-in-law, made a few tweaks as the years went on and Chico Pops was born!

Loving what you do is very important, especially when it comes to making food. We're passionate about our popcorn, and we make sure a little bit of love is put in every bag. Bonnie Sterzer wanted to make sure everyone enjoyed her popcorn, and we at Chico Pops want to make sure that vision is realized. The world lost Bonnie a few years back, but we honor her memory and legacy every day.

Chico Pops is a locally-owned and operated family business. We care deeply about our customers, and we love hearing from you! If you love our caramel corn, shout it out! Let us know on our Facebook, Twitter, or stop by our office and say hello! 

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