About ChicoPops

How did it all begin?

It’s a family recipe that’s tried and true. It all started with Bonnie Sterzer’s recipe. She passed it to Elisabeth nearly 30 years ago, and with a few personal adjustments to make it her own, it became the most amazing, scrum-diddly-umptious caramel corn around. After years of making it for friends and family, parties and late night munch-fests, Chico Pops was born. 

We are now sharing new gourmet creations, also made in small batches, that we hope you share with your family for generations to come!

What in the hull were they thinking?

At Chico Pops, we use NO GMO in our popcorn or sugar! Our kernels are of the highest quality, and our bags of popcorn are not full of hulls or un-popped kernels.

What’s more fun than a Barrel Full of Monkeys?

Being a part of the Chico Pops family! Whether it’s at the office, in the field, at an event, or on the phone with one of our incredible customers, we believe in always taking the POP-portunity to smile, laugh, pay a compliment or even tell a good joke. We are following our passion and enjoying every minute of it.